Shopify Fraud Analysis support
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Shopify’s fraud analysis helps you identify orders that could be fraudulent. Having that visibility in Veeqo allows you to review high-risk orders and avoid potential chargebacks.

Orders are pulled in with:

  • Red tag for high risk

  • Yellow tag for medium risk

  • Green tag for low risk

Internal notes are also added for more in-depth details about the order and why it has been flagged. 

Note: Detailed fraud analysis will appear in your internal notes, this may impact templates if internal notes are used anywhere.

To enable this feature:

  1. Head to Settings and select Marketplace & ecommerce integrations; 

2. Select the Shopify store you want to enable the fraud analysis for, and head to the edit tab and tick the show advanced setting box;


3. Scroll down and find HOW ORDERS AND SYNCED. Select the Import fraud analysis toggle to turn it on;

Now all of your Shopify order will have a new tag and internal note letting you and your team know what the fraud status is. 

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