Connecting your Shopify store
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Note! If this is the first store you are connecting to Veeqo we recommend connecting the store with the most complete product catalogue.
​If this an additional store we recommend you check and update your product SKU codes so your products can be linked in Veeqo. This will prevent any duplicate products being created. Find out more here.

You will need:

  • Shopify store’s URL

  • Store’s name

Connecting Shopify as your first store in Veeqo

To connect Shopify as your first store in Veeqo, follow these steps:

  1. Head to your home page and find the action card ‘Connect your marketplace or e-commerce store’

  2. Click Connect store

  3. Select Shopify as the store you want to set up and click Continue

  4. We will provide some helpful information. Click continue on each page when you've finished reading.

5. Enter the weight unit and currency for your store

6. Enter your store URL and store Name. You can also add a two letter store code and edit your store settings in the drop down on this page.

7.Select the location your orders should be allocated to


9. You will then be redirected to Shopify to sign in to confirm the connection.

Note: Once your store has fully connected we will pull in your Processing orders with associated products first, the rest data will come after that. This process can take from 30 minutes to 5 hours.

Connecting additional Shopify stores

When connecting additional stores we recommend checking:

To connect your store follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Settings > Marketplace and e-commerce integrations;

  2. Press the +New Store button;

  3. You can then connect as above from step 3

Note: Once your store has fully connected you will probably find some of your product have review markers on them. This means a new product has been created and could potentially be a duplicate.

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