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Advanced Listings Management
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Linking connects listings from your stores to a Veeqo product to avoid duplicate products and keep stock levels correct.

By linking your listings, orders can be downloaded from your stores and stock quantities can be pushed out to your store's listings correctly. You can start linking as soon as your second store is added and all the products have finished downloading.

What Is Linking?

Once a product is created in Veeqo, it can have multiple listings linked to it from your different stores. When you first connect a store, Veeqo will automatically create products from its listings.

How to view your listings:

1. Hover over to Products and click on Listings
2. By default, the status will be Linked and Active
3. You can see which products have been linked/unlinked under Linked Status shown in the screenshot below
4. To view unlinked listings, click the unlinked status:

You will see your store's listings on the left hand side of the table and the matching products in Veeqo on the right hand side.

Linking your listings: 

When linking your listings, there are three options:

  • Suggested match - Veeqo will search for an existing product which has the same SKU code, just click the green tick to accept and link.

  • Create new product - instead of linking to an existing product, create a new one and link this listing to it.

  • Search for product - find a product by searching for it by title/key words or SKU code.

Suggested Match

When Veeqo finds a product with the same SKU as a product in your store, it will show you a suggested link in yellow (shown in the screenshot below) and you can confirm or remove the linking. If you select the green tick, then these products will become linked.

Search For A Product

Select the Search Products field and type in the name of the product and hit the search icon.

Once you've searched, the matching product in Veeqo side of the table on the right will show any products found matching your listing and the link icon will appear. If the searched product in Veeqo matches your listing, link them together and move onto your next product!

Create a New Product

If there's no suggested match or any matching products found in Veeqo, you can create this listing as a new product in Veeqo. Select + Add New Product and this will then create a brand new product in Veeqo and link it to your store listing.

Linking Products With Options/Variants

If you're matching a product to a listing with multiple variations, then any product variations that don't exist in Veeqo can be created. Select + New Variant in this product' and this will create a new variant in the product and link them.

Note: If Veeqo is master of stock and your listing(s) are Inactive in Veeqo, Veeqo cannot push stock to that listing. Listings in Veeqo need to be Linked and Active in order for stock to be pushed.

​Unlink Listings

Note: Once listings are unlinked in Veeqo or are in a state of Inactive, Veeqo cannot sync stock or orders for that product.

  1. Hover over Inventory and go to the Listings page

  2. Search for the product in the Search Product bar on the left hand side of the listings page.

3. Once you have found the listing, on the far right hand side there is an Unlink button

4. It will then show you three icons.

5. Click the Don't Link icon (X)

6. The listing will then appear in the Unlinked section on the listings page

Whenever you delete a product in Veeqo any listings attached will be ARCHIVED. If a listing is in this ARCHIVED state Veeqo won't be able to pull in new orders or push up stock levels for them.

Archive a Listing

You can archive a listing that you aren't currently selling, so that this listing does not get confused with any active listings.

1. Head to Inventory > Listings

2. Ensure that you have selected the linked and active statuses in the top toolbar. Then search the SKU of the product that you want to archive. This will display any linked and active listings of the product.

4.Click the "Archive listing" icon to the right of the listing. (Please make sure that you are archiving the listing for the correct store by hovering over the store icon on the left

5. We recommend that you unlink the listing to prevent the store icons being greyed out on your Inventory page. Click the “Unlink icon” to the far right of the listing. This will unlink the listing. If you head back to the product on Veeqo Inventory page you will see that only the Active listings remain linked to the product.

Unarchive a Listing

1. Go to Inventory > Listings

2. Under linked status of Unlinked and Inactive you will see listings here that have been archived. To unarchive the listing; you need to select the blue box which when you hover over it says 'Unarchive listing'

3. Once you have done this, the listing will then appear in the linked status of Unlinked and Active

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