Inventory Views

Save commonly used filters as Inventory Views, for easy access

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Take the hassle out of filtering the same products on the Inventory Page by saving Views.

Examples of Inventory Views include:

  • Products stocked in a specific location

  • Products from a specific brand

  • Products with stock in a certain range

Create a View

  1. Click on "+" to create a new view

  2. Apply your specific filters

  3. Click "Create View" on the bottom

  4. Name your View. Choose to make it a private or company-wide View

  5. The View will appear at the top of the Inventory Page

Change View name and sharing options

  1. Click the View, select the pen icon and click "Edit"

  2. You can change the name and sharing options of the View

  3. Click "Save"

Change View filters

To remove and add a filter to your View:

  1. Select your view

  2. To remove filters, simply delete them from the top search area

  3. To add a filter, simply select any filter from the menu

  4. Click "Save Changes" on the bottom

  5. Update your existing View by selecting "Save changes to [View Name]". You can also choose to create a new view. Changes will not be saved until you have completed this step.

To revert back to the original filters of your View, click "Discard Changes" on the bottom.

Delete a View

Click the specific View, select the pen icon and click "Delete".

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