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Products - Veeqo scanner / Android app
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The Veeqo Scanner and Smartphone app give you a complete view and control of your product, how well they are selling and current stock and pricing. You have the ability to:

  • Look up products by scanning barcodes with the Veeqo Scanner or camera on your phone

  • Search all your products by name/SKU.

  • View products based on whether they’re in stock.

  • See which stores your products are selling on, their price and current stock quantity. As well as how many are already allocated to orders and what’s available to sell.

  • Update products stock levels straight away for all of your stores.

How to View all of your products

From the icon in the top left corner, select Products from the menu to view your products list. Products will then be displayed alphabetically. To view only products that are in stock, you can switch to the In Stock tab at the top of the screen.



By clicking on a specific product, you can view more information and update its stock. 

Each product page allows you to:



Updating stock on a product

1. When viewing a product, to update the stock start by selecting which warehouse you'd like to update/view stock for. If you only have one warehouse, it will open on that warehouse automatically.

2. Each variant of a product is shown with it's name, product options, SKU, available stock and allocated stock amount.

If any of your products contain kit products (a product that is made up of other products e.g. a bike is the main product but it’s kit contains: wheels, bike frame and handlebars), you will see a message in the inventory section of the product. Kit products are shown in the variant list but their stock cannot be updated. 

3. Using the +/- buttons or updating the number in the centre by tapping it and entering the new amount, you can update stock for each product or variant manually. Once you make any changes, a Save button will appear on the right. A green bar will then appear with Stock Updated message and your changes will have been saved. 

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