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Magento integration: "Bridge deactivated error message"
Magento integration: "Bridge deactivated error message"
Updated over a week ago

If you receive a notification stating the following on you Magento or WooCommerce channel:

"We cant seem to find your Bridge File, due to this we have deactivated your channel."

This means that we attempted to access the bridge file on your website located at /bridge2cart/bridge.php but we were greeted with a "404 Not Found" error. This would usually be due to the bridge file being removed on your store, so to fix this you need to re-add the bridge file to your store and re-activate the connection.

In some cases, a .htaccess file or firewall could be redirecting legitimate requests to a "404 Not Found" page so double check your .htaccess and also ensure you have our IP address whitelisted:

If your page works on IPv6 then requests will go through it. Please whitelist the following IP addresses:

IPv6: 2a01:4f8:190:23e3::2/64

If the issue still persists then please contact the support team on our live chat or email us on

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