One you have set-up your Invoice templates, you can begin printing them out for your orders in Veeqo. You can also have the option to send them directly to your printer by using Auto-print

You also have the option for templates to print automatically by using Order Rules

Note: If you are attempting to print more than 24 invoices, these will be sent to your notification bell to be generated and for you to download.

 How to print your orders with your newly created template:

  • Go to Orders 

  • Select which orders you wish to print 

  • Select ACTIONS

  • Select Print Orders

  • You can then select a template to print

  • You can choose to 'Send documents to notifications'

  • If you select this option you'll see a notification alert in your notifications bell appear when the PDF file has started generating. 

  • Once this is complete you can click Download on the notification:

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