Before you start
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Welcome to Veeqo!

Before you start we would recommend that you download and install the latest version of Google Chrome. Veeqo is optimised to be used with Google Chrome.

Before you turn on Inventory Control, below is a list of what we recommend that you check in order to receive the best Veeqo experience (see Turn on Inventory Control in Veeqo for more information).

  • Ensure Inventory Tracking is enabled on your Store where this is optional.

  • Make sure your product variations are setup correctly

  • To help with the linking process in Veeqo, we would recommend that you have matching SKUs across your listings on your stores. The reason that we suggest this is to save you time and as much manual work as possible, so that you can start utilising Veeqo to the best of its ability.ย 

  • If you do not have matching SKUs or SKUs on your products, going forward we would suggest for you to add SKUs to your products.

  • If your listings have already pulled into Veeqo and don't have matching SKUs you can Link Your Listings manually

Deleting Veeqo Demo Data

When you get started you will see a set of demo orders using the naming convention #Demo-X(1-5) to show how orders work in Veeqo.

These will not cause a charge against your account when you use the Ship button and can be easily managed and deleted by following these steps:

1. Head to Settings

3. Click the checkbox next to the Phone store


5. Set a checkmark for Hide all channel entities?

6. Click on CONFIRM

Note: If you want to create orders directly in Veeqo in the future, you will need to create a new phone store by clicking here and selecting the store type "direct"

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