Welcome to Veeqo!

Before you start we would recommend that you download and install the latest version of Google Chrome. Veeqo is committed to releasing new features as often as possible and as full cross-browser compatibility slows down releasing of new features, we have chosen to officially support Google Chrome. In the future we will look to support more browsers.

Before you add your first store, below is a list of what we recommend that you check in order for you to receive the best Veeqo experience. See the details below for more information:


  • Make sure your listings have SKUs to help with automatically linking your different stores. For simple listings follow eBay Listing SKU (Simple Listings) article, for Variant listings follow the eBay Listing SKU (Variant Listing) articles.

  • WebinterpretIf you are using Webinterpret on your eBay store, when eBay creates your listings in multi-language to other available eBay regions(such as FR, IT, DE). Veeqo will then pull through each listing.


  •  If you allow Pre-order/Backorders on your store please check you are using the official Magento method as Veeqo does not officially support 3rd party pre-order plugins. For assistance in setting up your backorder settings checkout the Magento Backorders article.


  • Shopify has an inventory tracking feature to keep track of a product's stock levels to stop it from overselling. If this feature isn't turned on, then your customers would still be able to buy your product regardless of whether the product is in stock or not.

  • To make sure this feature is turned on, head to your Shopify Admin and then the Products screen. Find the product you'd like to check and select Edit in the Inventory section, check the Inventory Policy dropdown is set to Shopify Tracks This Products Inventory Find out more about Shopify's Inventory Tracking Here.


  • Make sure your product variations are setup correct by following WooCommerce Variant Products article.

  • If you allow backorders/pre-orders on your store use the official WooCommerce settings by following the WooCommerce Backorders/Pre-Orders article.Veeqo does not officially support any 3rd party pre-order plugins for WooCommerce.

Matching SKU's

  • To help with the linking process in Veeqo, we would recommend that you have matching SKU's across your listings on your stores. The reason that we suggest this is to save you time and as much manual work as possible, so that you can start utilising Veeqo to the best of its ability. 

  • If you do not have matching SKU's or SKU's on your products, going forward we would suggest for you to add SKU's to your products. Quick Link: Linking Your Listings

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