If you would like to find out about what features are upcoming, what is currently under consideration, which features have already been launched or if you have a feature suggestion of your own you can check out Veeqo's product roadmap.

You can view Veeqo's roadmap, by either logging into your Veeqo account and scrolling to the footer of the page and clicking 'Product Roadmap' or by following this link:

Submitting a feature suggestion:

  • Go to Veeqo's Product Roadmap

  • In the top right corner, click + Submit Idea

  • You can then submit your new idea and detail what you would like to be able to do and how this will help you.

  • You can also mark how important this is to you, whether its a Nice-to-have, Important or Critical. 

  • Once you are happy, click Submit.

Note: Feature submissions that are made, will be submitted to Veeqo's roadmap where they will be reviewed and prioritised accordingly based on customer demand and feedback.

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