Carrier Insurance Overview
Purchasing additional insurance for your orders, what insurance is covered by carriers and making claims
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United States only.

While carriers often offer an included amount of insurance with some services, there may be times you want to purchase additional insurance for items valued higher than what is included as standard.

When you ship your order you can add additional carrier insurance before you purchase your label.

Adding carrier insurance

Adding your insurance is part of the larger process of shipping your order and this guide will show how to add this to an order as you ship.

Additional insurance is added at the point where you ship orders and can be done on an order by order basis or in bulk.

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Once the package value is added, click out of the field to see the updated total cost of the label and insurance in the breakdown

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Included Carrier Insurance thresholds

To find out what the values and thresholds for insurance which is included by a carrier are, you can view a table of the services here.

Making a claim

Insurance purchased for USPS with Veeqo


To file a claim with UPIC’s 3rd party insurance on your USPS orders (when purchased before shipping) please file via their claims page, these claims are subject to their claims terms.

Carrier included insurance:

To file a claim with your carriers for the insurance included with their label you will need to contact the carrier directly.


To file a claim with UPS see this guide


To file a claim with FedEx, see this guide

USPS (Carrier included insurance only)

To file a claim with USPS, see this guide

Note: If you purchased insurance via our 3rd party, U-PIC, please see their instructions

DHL Express

To file a claim with DHL Express, see this guide

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