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Connecting USPS

You can use USPS to ship your orders using Veeqo rates. No connection is needed to do this.

Available services with USPS

USPS Express Mail
USPS Express Mail Flat Rate Envelope
USPS Express Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope
USPS First Class
USPS Parcel Select
USPS Priority Mail
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope
USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box
USPS Priority Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope
USPS Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope
USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box

Coming soon....

USPS Bound Printed Matter

USPS Media Mail

Note: Regional rate box pricing has been discontinued by USPS as of January 2023

Scheduling pickup with USPS

You may already have a regular collection with USPS which you can continue to use. If you don’t you will need to book a collection. To do this you will need to directly contact the carrier you are shipping with.
You can schedule your pickup here.

File a claim with USPS

To file a claim with USPS, see this guide

Shipping surcharges/ limitations

The United States Postal Service (USPS) reserves the right to refuse packages submitted to them after the original ship date printed on the shipping label. This and all other USPS policies apply to all USPS services.
For more information about shipping models and settings, go to Shipping overview.

Items shipped using USPS Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and Parcel Select may be subject to nonstandard size fees and dimension noncompliance fees in some circumstances.
Nonstandard size fees may be charged if your package meets any of the following:

  • Length between 22 and 30 inches long, you will be charged an EPH fee of $4.00

  • Length more than 30 inches long, you will be charged a fee of $15.00

  • Cube more than 2 cubic feet (3,456 cubic inches), you will be charged a fee of $15.00

Note: A package may be assessed a nonstandard size fee twice, if measurements exceed the restrictions for both length and cube. If a package only exceeds the length restrictions, or only exceeds the cube restrictions, then only a single nonstandard size fee shall apply. For example, a package 31” long and over 2 cubic feet, will be assessed $30.00 (>30” fee of $15 and >2 cu. ft. fee of $15).

Shipping prohibitions and restrictions

Products shipped through Veeqo must comply with all laws and regulations, Veeqo’s policies, and carrier’s policies. The shipment of illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products, including products only available by prescription, is strictly prohibited.

Troubleshooting USPS Errors in Veeqo

To troubleshoot error messages you may see when shipping with USPS, see this guide.

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