FedEx Overview
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Connecting FedEx

You can use FedEx to ship your orders using Veeqo’s rates


You can connect your own FedEx account using this guide

Available services with FedEx

FedEx Home Delivery®
FedEx 2Day®
FedEx 2Day®A.M.
FedEx Express Saver®
FedEx Ground®
FedEx Priority Overnight®
FedEx Standard Overnight®
FedEx 2Day® One Rate
FedEx 2Day®A.M. One Rate
FedEx Express Saver® One Rate
FedEx Priority Overnight® One Rate
FedEx Standard Overnight® One Rate

Note: We support the same services with both Veeqo’s rates and your own account integrations.

Unsupported services

FedEx Ground Economy (also known as FedEx SmartPost)

Scheduling pickup with FedEx

You may already have a regular collection with FedEx which you can continue to use. If you don’t you will need to book a collection. To do this you will need to directly contact the carrier you are shipping with.
You can schedule your pickup here

File a claim

To file a claim with FedEx, see this guide

Shipping Surcharges/ limitations

FedEx reserves the right to adjust shipping charges when they weigh and measure your shipment at their facility. To dispute these shipping charges, please contact FedEx. To reduce these instances of adjusted shipping charges, please ensure you accurately report the weight and dimensions of your shipment and review FedEx dimensional weight rules.

Shipping prohibitions and restrictions

Products shipped through Veeqo must comply with all laws and regulations, Veeqo’s policies, and carrier’s policies. The shipment of illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products, including products only available by prescription, is strictly prohibited.

Troubleshooting FedEx Errors in Veeqo

To troubleshoot error messages you may see when shipping with FedEx, see this guide

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