UPS Overview
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UPS Rates

You can choose to use Veeqo’s UPS rates (including any available Amazon Buy Shipping discounts) or your own UPS account rates. By default you’ll see Veeqo’s UPS rates. You can connect your own UPS account and choose the types of orders you want to see your own UPS account rates for using this guide.

Available services with UPS

UPS 2nd Day Air
UPS 3 Day Select
UPS Ground
UPS Next Day Air
UPS Next Day Air Saver

Unsupported services

UPS SurePost

Note: We support the same services with both Veeqo’s rates and your own account integrations.

Scheduling pickup with UPS

You may already have a regular collection with UPS which you can continue to use. If you don’t you will need to book a collection. To do this you will need to directly contact the carrier you are shipping with.

You can schedule your pickup here.

File a claim with UPS

To file a claim with UPS, see this guide

UPS Paperless Invoice / Electronic Customs Form

If you do not currently have access to paperless invoices with UPS, you can enrol following this guide

As soon as you have been approved by UPS, you will no longer need to print customs forms and your UPS label will have the EDI mark to confirm the electronic customs data submission

Shipping surcharges/ limitations

When purchasing delivery or related services from UPS through your Veeqo account you are agreeing to pay the fees associated with those services, including the higher of weight-based rates vs. dimension-based rates and any surcharges billed by the carrier in accordance with their policies. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.

The following are examples of UPS size and weight restrictions, which may result in surcharges from the carrier:

  • Additional Handling: Any package requiring special handling, as determined by UPS, including packages with a weight exceeding 50 lb or a combined length + girth exceeding 105 inches, and additional criteria defined by the carrier

  • Large Package Surcharge: Any package with a combined length + girth exceeding 130 inches, or a length exceeding 96 inches, and additional criteria defined by the carrier

  • Over Maximum Limits: Any package with an actual weight exceeding 150 lbs., or with a length exceeding 108 inches, or with a combined length + girth exceeding 165 inches, and additional criteria defined by the carrier

Note: UPS does not always define the billable weight as the actual weight of the package that the label is being purchased for, if the 'dimensional weight' is greater, this weight is used, for more information please see the UPS FAQ on the subject

Learn more about the carrier’s policies, including the examples listed above, by reviewing their rate guides found at

Shipping prohibitions and restrictions

Products shipped through Veeqo must comply with all laws and regulations, Veeqo’s policies, and carrier’s policies. The shipment of illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products, including products only available by prescription, is strictly prohibited.

Troubleshooting UPS Errors in Veeqo

To troubleshoot error messages you may see when shipping with UPS, see this guide

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