Buy Shipping: A-to-Z Guarantee in Veeqo
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United States only.

Buying labels for Amazon orders on-time in Veeqo gives you the same protection offered through Amazon Buy Shipping against A-to-Z carrier claims related to late delivery and negative feedback.

Labels with Amazon Buy Shipping's A-to-Z Guarantee will show the green "Protected" shield beside the service.

Note: Veeqo will show protected rates ahead of those not covered with protection which may have lower rates

Note: We allow the selection of shipping methods for Amazon orders that don’t meet Amazon’s delivery promise. Orders that are shipped using out-of-promise ship methods will not be covered by Buy Shipping protection. To find out more, log into Seller Central and read this page about the benefits of Buy Shipping

How Veeqo can help

Veeqo will offer protection against an A-to-Z claim filed in accordance with the Seller Central guide noted above.

If we can see that your order was shipped on time, with a supported service to ensure the delivery promise is met for your customers, you will not be held accountable for missing or late deliveries caused by the carrier if the delivery meets the established A-to-Z claim criteria noted above.

Shipping best practices

  • Include valid tracking for all deliveries: Tracked shipments allow buyers to see the status of their delivery without needing to contact you. Failure to provide tracking is one basis for granting a claim. For more information, go to Valid tracking rate page and ODR page. You can edit order tracking information:

    • Go to Orders, and then click Manage Orders.

    • Enter the Order ID into the Advanced Search.

    • Once you find the correct order, click Edit Shipment and provide the revised tracking number.

  • Require signature confirmation for high value shipments: Requiring a signature helps Amazon determine if a buyer has received their item(s). If it is unclear if an item has been delivered, a buyer’s claim is more likely to be granted.

  • Confirm shipments before expected ship date: Make sure the courier picking up deliveries first scans the buyer’s package(s) before the ‘ship by’ date. It is important to confirm that you have sent orders on or before the expected ship date so that buyers can see the status of their order and understand when to expect delivery, without needing to contact you. Failure to ship on time negatively impacts your Late shipment rate and makes it more likely that a claim will be granted.

  • Ensure delivery is completed before the estimated delivery date: In cases where a delivery is delayed, notify the buyer and verify that they agree to accept late delivery.

  • Use supported carriers: Amazon offers Buy Shipping services that enables sellers in certain stores to purchase pre-paid, tracked shipping labels from Amazon and have packages collected directly from their premises.

Note: For United States customers you are protected against A-to-Z claims with your own negotiated rates (as well as the rates offered by Veeqo) if the order is shipped through Veeqo and meets the established A-to-Z claim criteria noted above.

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