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Troubleshooting Evri/ MyHermes shipping errors
Troubleshooting Evri/ MyHermes shipping errors

Common shipping errors and how to resolve them.

Updated over a week ago

If you find that you are still encountering any errors when shipping, please contact our Veeqo support team who are happy to help!

Allocation weight is empty
The order weight must be greater than zero

There was a problem retrieving services
Please check that myHermes do not have a current issue or an outage. If this error continues, please reach out to the Veeqo support team.

{"message":"Unexpected server error [Support ID:]"}
This error is coming from MyHermes and seems to be that they are having server issues. If this error continues, please reach out to the Veeqo support team.

Invalid MyHermes credentials, please check and retry
This can be due to details not being entered against billing address on your MyHermes account directly (not in Veeqo). Please could you log into your myHermes account and check that these have been added.

{"message":"Validation error","errors":[{"resource":"shipment","field":"liability_amount","message":"Liability amount is invalid, it must be one of the following: 0","code":"shipment.liability_amount_invalid"}]}
This issue is due to the liability amount for negotiated rates which we unfortunately no longer support. You can still can ship if the liability amount is equal to zero.

Missing quotes or undefined error message

If you are not receiving quotes from your shipping carrier when trying to ship an order or are receiving an undefined error message please the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Customers address - Double check your customers address. You can do this using a carrier address verifier for the carrier you are trying to use.

  2. Customer email and phone number- Check that the customer has an email address and phone number added to the order. Some carriers will not accept a shipment via the API if these are not present.

  3. Total order weight- Check that the order has a total weight added. The weight needs to be above 0.

  4. Maximum weight allowed by the service- Check that the weight you have added for the order can be accepted by the service you are trying to use.

  5. Ship from address- We will use the location in Veeqo as your ship from address. Check you have a valid location address in settings.

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