When you add a new listing to one of your stores Veeqo can automatically pull in the data and create a product out of this depending on whether this option is selected in your channel settings. However, you may want to add a product into Veeqo that isn't on your store or marketplace.

If you are looking to edit a variant, please read this guide

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Create A Simple Product

A simple product is a product without any variations. To create a new product please see the following steps:

  1. Go to the Products Page

  2. Press the ‘+New’ button

3. Here on the new product screen, you can add all your product details. The fields with a '*' are the mandatory fields you need to create your product.


The details you can add to your product are:

  • Name, SKU and the retail price excluding tax (required fields)

  • Stock quantity's for each of your stock locations

  • Brand name

  • Barcode (EAN, UPC)

  • Origin country (where the product comes from)

  • Estimated delivery time (how many days it will take to ship the product)

  • Description of the product

  • Dimensions and weight of the product (these are recommended so your product is ready to ship)

  • Pricing (cost price, tax rate percentage and the retail price including tax)


As this is a simple product, section 2 in the form to 'add options' doesn't apply.

4. Once you have filled the product information in, select the Create A Product button in the bottom right corner and you'll see the product appear in your main products list.

Create A Product With Variations

A product that has variations, includes other options such as sizes and colours.

Follow steps above to create a simple product and complete your products details. When you get to section 2 in the form, you can either:

  • Select an Option, this will then show a drop down list to choose from creating your own options, size and color. When you select an option, you can the value of the variant, please include commas.

  • Press the ‘Add’ button, this will create the variants and from there you can edit/add the Name, SKU, Cost Price, Retail Price Before Tax and Barcode

  • Alternatively, you can select the ‘Add More Variants’ button to create a variant and you can add the details from there or add variants onto the existing options created above


If you've made a mistake and want to remove a variant, use the Remove button/ Trash icon.

Add Images To Your Products

In the third section, you can add images to your products. This is an optional step, you can the images later on as well.

  • Follow steps above to create a simple product and complete your products details.

  • Click the ‘Add Images’ icon

  • You will be located to your files and then from there you can select an image to use. Once you have selected the image press ‘Open’ and then you should see the image in Veeqo


  • You can add more images, press the magnifying glass to view the picture close up and press the bin icon to remove the image from Veeqo

Your product is ready to be created! Select the ‘Create Product’ button in the bottom right corner and you'll see the product appear inside the inventory page.

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