You can now ship your parcels and print labels directly from the orders page in Veeqo.

As this feature is in beta, this may not automatically be available in your account. If this feature is not enabled you can contact support on our live chat service or by email at to set this up for you.

Important! This Beta is currently only available to US customers.

Note: Currently UPS own account integrations aren't supported in the Ship from Orders List feature.

In this guide:


How it works

Setting package weight and dimensions

  1. Go to the order you would like to ship and click the dropdown under “package”

  2. Set the total weight of the package in Pounds or Ounces.

  3. Enter your package dimensions.

  • You can do this from your preset package dimensions by clicking the dropdown arrow next to your chosen courier and selecting the package dimensions


  • If no preset package dimensions are suitable for this order you can manually enter these by clicking “Enter dimensions”

4. You will have the option to save these dimensions as a preset package to use in future

5. Click Save

Ship from the orders list

  1. Once you have added your package weights and dimensions, you can choose a service from the quotes provided.

  2. Choose if you would like to include a signature

3. Click “Apply”

4. Click “Buy label”

Important! This will automatically purchase the label. Please don’t click buy label until you are sure you’re ready to ship with the information you have provided.

Bulk shipping from the orders list

You can now bulk ship up to 100 orders from the orders list. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Choose your package weights and dimensions as above

  2. Choose the services you want to use per order

  3. Tick select all and all orders on the page will be selected OR you can select the orders you want by ticking the selection box per order.

  4. The quotes for all shipping labels will be added together to show the total shipping price and the total number of labels are counted and shown on the button to print labels.

  5. Click print labels to buy your labels in bulk

Mark an order as shipped

You can mark an order as shipped without printing a label in Veeqo by following these steps:

  1. Click the arrow on the far right of the order

  2. Click “Mark order as shipped”

3. Choose the courier you have shipped with if this has been shipped with an available courier OR choose other if the courier you shipped with is not available as an option.

4. You can also enter your tracking number for the order.

5. Click “Mark as shipped” to mark your order as shipped with the details you have entered.

Pack and ship

The pack and ship option will take you to our legacy shipping screen. To access this:

  1. Click the arrow on the far right of the order

  2. Click pack and ship

3. You will be taken to the legacy shipping screen where you can set you package weight, choose you carrier and ship

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