Please follow these steeps to add shipping notifications to your Royal Mail shipments in Veeqo.

Adding shipping notifications manually

When shipping with Royal Mail there will be an enhancement field, this will allow you to select the option to send shipping notifications via email or sms. You can click both options if you prefer. Here are the steps to add an enhancement manually to a shipment:

  1. Go into the order and the press the ‘Ship’ button

  2. When you choose a Royal Mail service there will be an enhancements field, this is where you can select the options to send notifications via email and/or SMS


Adding shipping notifications in a rule

You can also create a shipping rule, this will then auto-select the service and add the enhancement to the service automatically. To do this you can go to Settings > Rules and from there you can create a new rule:

  1. Create an IF statement, this could be any of your choosing. In the example below the Destination Country statement was used to apply this to UK shipments.

  2. You can then set the preferred shipping options, which is where you can add your Royal Mail service

  3. Once you have done that an Enhancement field will appear below where you can add either or both of the email and the sms options

The end result should look like this -

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