Restocking Items
This article will explain the process of restocking items in Veeqo
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Users can restock items when they create a return request in Veeqo after the order has been shipped. If you select the restock items button then this will restock your items straight away, however if you do not select this then you can go through the process of receiving your items.

Here is a guide which will explain the process of receiving items.

You can only restock items if you select either Not Refunded or Refund in Veeqo only. A box will show at the bottom of the screen called 'Restock Items' for you to select.

Unfortunately you cannot restock items when you are refunding the order to the remote store, the restock items button will be greyed out. Instead Veeqo will restock your items straight away.

Veeqo will only restock your items when the requested return quantity has been added, if not then Veeqo will not restock your items and the order will still be marked as 'Shipped'.

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