In order to make your custom template the default template that prints for your orders, you will need to change the name of your new template to the name of the default template in Veeqo.

You can change the name of your custom template by following these steps:

  1. Go to settings> printing templates

  2. Choose the template you would like as the default and click edit

  3. Click on the template name at the top of the page

Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 12.58.27.png

4. You will get this pop-up where the title can be edited:


5. Once you have renamed the template click “Rename”. This will automatically save the template.

6. You will then need to change the name of the original default template so Veeqo will know which template to print.

Tip! You can change the original default template name to anything you want however we recommend adding (old) to the end of the original name. This way, you will know which template this was originally.

I have created a new invoice template which I now want to make the default template. I have renamed my new template to [Veeqo]order_receipt_v2 and then renamed the original template to [Veeqo]order_receipt_v2(old).

The following are the names of the default templates that will print when choosing an option here:


Invoices- [Veeqo]order_receipt_v2

Packing slips- [Veeqo]packing_slip

Delivery labels- [Veeqo]delivery_label

Drop note- [Veeqo]drop_note

Shipping labels- The shipping label is not from a template. It is sent to us by the courier when you ship

Commercial invoice- [Veeqo]commercial_invoice

Pick list- [Veeqo]picking_list


  • If you click Print and select “Choose Templates”, you can then select any template you would like to print each time

  • To automate the process you can set up printing rules which will print specific templates when you ship an order with the criteria you set

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