Master of stock means Veeqo will have access to update stock levels on your stores. When stock levels change in Veeqo, all of your stores will be updated and accurate. This prevents overselling and other operational issues.

By default, new stores do not have this setting enabled. When you're ready, you can enable this by following the steps below.

Important: Before you make Veeqo master of stock, you will need to go through the Master of Stock checklist

New or current channels

If you need to enable or disable Veeqo as master of stock for a particular sales channel for any reason, you can switch this setting on or off via your channel settings.

NOTE - For newly onboarded or free trial customers, please see THIS GUIDE

  1. Click on your settings icon

2. Head to Marketplace & Ecommerce Integrations -

3. Select your channel and select EDIT and then check the SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS box -

4. To make Veeqo Master Of Stock for your selected channel, toggle the option marked If stock levels in Veeqo change should this store be updated? (This option will be OFF by default for newly created channels)

To make your channel master of stock for Veeqo, toggle the option for Download stock levels from this store and use them in Veeqo? (NOTE - this will essentially make you channel master of stock and will update all inventory levels. If Veeqo is master of stock for all other channel, we will push whatever inventory levels to these other channels based on the inventory levels pulled from the channel with this setting turned on)

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