Address Validation

Verify recipient's shipping address before shipping an order

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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United States only.

The customer's/recipient's shipping address may be incomplete or have typos. When this happens, carriers will not provide rates or allow you to print a label for that order.

To prevent this from happening, Veeqo verifies US addresses through an address database and then flags orders with shipping address errors. This means you can resolve these issues before you try to print a label or pack an order, saving you time in troubleshooting address issues.

Countries Supported

Veeqo currently validates only US addresses for orders being shipped from US.

How do I find orders with address errors?

There are three ways to identify which orders have address errors.

  1. Check for 'Address Error' label below or next to the shipping address

  2. An alert will appear next to the order when a validated shipping address has errors. You can click on the house icon and edit the address.

  3. Filter for orders with address errors. You can save this filter to review current or future orders with address errors.

How do I know if an address has been validated?

On the order screen and ship screen, when an address is validated, you will see 'Verified Address' either below or next to the shipping address. This means the address has been checked in the database and no issues were found.

Understanding Address Validation Messages

If the address has errors or is an international address, you'll see the following labels next to the shipping address:


What it means

What to do

Shipping address has typos or is missing information.

Check if the zipcode has 5 digits
Check if city, state, and country are all correct
Make sure first line of address has both a street/unit number and street name
Enter the address in USPS' lookup tool to confirm the correct address

Veeqo does not check the address for errors or typos. This is because it is an international/non-US address.

If you encounter an error when shipping the order or cannot get rates, check the address and make sure that all fields are complete (city, state, country, zipcode).

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