View and change stock levels for your product variants across multiple locations - in one place.

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🔎 Find your products easily

👀 Check your inventory across multiple warehouses, at a glance

  • See inventory levels for your product variants and bundles

  • If you have multiple warehouses, you can see stock level both in total and for each individual warehouse

  • Track your FBA inventory on the same page

📦 Track inventory levels across lifecycle stages

  • Differentiate between different inventory levels: Physical on-hand inventory, committed inventory (reserved for pending orders) and inventory that is available for sale.

  • Click on committed stock levels to see a snapshot of the pending sales orders that have been allocated stock

  • View incoming stock from your suppliers or warehouse transfers. Click on the stock figure to see a snapshot of purchase orders and warehouse transfers for that variant

🛍 Update stock levels easily

  • Update stock levels easily right from the Inventory Page. Avoid mental math and miscounts - you can “add” additional units, or “set” the stock to the current count

  • Ask your team to leave a reason when stock levels are manually changed, so you have a record. Available on Premium and Enterprise price plans

🖨 Export stock and print product labels

✅ Review products to keep stock levels accurate

Help Veeqo keep your stock levels accurate by reviewing your catalog and merging duplicate products, a prerequisite for enabling Master of Stock (2-way stock sync).

Use old Products Page

See this article for information on how to access the old Products Page

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