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Bulk ship your orders in Veeqo
Bulk ship your orders in Veeqo
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This guide applies to Sellers based in the UK only. For United States sellers please see this guide.

Veeqo gives you the option of shipping orders individually or up to 100 at a time. We recommend bulk shipping when you are either:

To take advantage of our scan to pack feature and paperless picking we recommend shipping orders individually. You'll also have access to more detailed shipping options, which can be particularly useful for your international orders. For steps on how to ship orders one at a time check out this guide.

Shipping up to 100 Orders at a time

You can manually create batches of up to 100 orders to be shipped together. First choose to display 100 orders per page

Then using the Select All checkbox 100 orders in the view will be selected. Then Actions>Ship and these selected orders will be shown on the Bulk Ship screen for you to process.

Shipping With Labels

If you have connected a carrier directly with Veeqo the shipping labels for each order will be generated.

Shipping Without Labels

If you are generating your shipping labels outside of Veeqo you can mark the order as shipped with any carrier without generating a label. Alternatively select the Other carrier.

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