How does the Cdiscount integration work?

  • Every 10 minutes, new orders will download from Cdiscount to Veeqo;
  • When you ship an order in Veeqo, Cdiscount is updated with the details. This includes the fulfillment status, any tracking numbers along with an email confirmation sent to your customer;
  • Every 1 hour, Veeqo checks for new products in Cdiscount to be downloaded;
  • When stock levels change for a product in Veeqo, the changes will be pushed to Cdiscount.

How to connect a Cdiscount store to your Veeqo account?

1. Head to Settings > Stores;
2. Click on the '+New Store' button;
3. In the new store screen, select Cdiscount as the store type;

Then add the details for your Cdiscount store:

- Name: Give your store a name to be used in Veeqo. e.g. 'Cdiscount UK';

- Default warehouse: Select which warehouse you'd like to use for this particular store;

- Currency: Select the currency which you are selling in for this particular store. Veeqo will convert any orders from these stores into the set base currency of your Veeqo account;

- Store Shipping Email: By default Veeqo will use the 'COMPANY EMAIL', found in 'SETTINGS' > 'GENERAL'. However, you can add a separate email address for this store here;

- Authorize Connection: This will take you to the Cdiscount integration page to connect your store. Input the credentials and press connect.

4. Veeqo will generate a credentials for integration;

5. Now you will need to provide Cdiscount API credentials for Veeqo to connect;

6. Please visit a Help Guide on how to generate a Cdiscount API credentials;

7. Agree for all orders to be automatically accepted;

8. Hit 'Next';

9. Your store will be activated now and sync will start.

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