Brexit FAQ
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1) When do I need to print out a CN22 or CN23?

When shipping outside the EU with Royal Mail it’s important to print out your CN22 or CN23. A CN22 must be used if your goods are being transported outside of the EU, up to the value of £270.

If the value of your goods being transported outside of the EU has a value of over £270, then a CN23 is needed instead of a CN22.

2) How can I add our VAT and EORI number on the commercial invoice?

To do this, you must be logged in as the account owner.
Then simply:
1) Head over to Settings (gear icon)
2) Then click General
3) You’ll then find a field for both the VAT number and EORI number:

3) How can I amend the contact name shown on the commercial invoice?

The contact name will be pulled from what has been set as the trading location name. You can locate this by:
1) Hovering over the gear icon (Settings)
2) Clicking Locations
3) Selecting the Location > Click the Edit tab

4) How can I enable paperless trade for DHL?

Please get in contact with Support ( or via the live chat service and we’ll be able to assist!

5) How can I add the HS codes to my products?

There are 2 ways you can add the HS codes to your products.

The first option is to update from a product by product basis. This can be done through clicking on the Product we would like to update > Click the pencil icon > Click the Product Info tab and you will see a field for your HS code.

The second option would be through exporting your products in Veeqo and updating the column called "Tariff_code". Once all the tariff / HS codes have been added, save the file and export it back into Veeqo.

For more information on exporting your products please take a look at the following help guide -

6) What information will I see on my electronic commercial invoice?

  • Invoice Date

  • Waybill Number

  • Senders Name

  • Senders Address

  • Senders EORI

  • Senders VAT

  • Sender Number

  • Receivers Name

  • Receivers Company Name

  • Receivers Address

  • Receivers Contact Number

Consignment Contents

  • Number of Parcels

  • Total weight

  • Description of item

  • Quantity of items

  • Value of items

  • Total Value

  • Reason for Export

  • Terms of delivery (Incoterms)

For an example commercial invoice please look at the following -

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