When shipping with Royal Mail, all international orders require a customs declaration form to be printed and attached to the order. There are two types of forms and the form you need will depend on the value of the items you are shipping.

  • For items with a value up to £270, a CN22 is required

  • For items with a value over £270, a CN23 is required

You have two options to print CN23 forms in Veeqo:

  • Set up pilot rules so that when you ship your orders, Veeqo will automatically print either the CN22 [2021] or CN23 [2021].

  • Manually print CN23 [2021] (see steps below) or CN22

Step 1

Go to Settings > Printing Templates

Step 2

Scroll down until you find the CN23 [2021] template. In the dropdown, select Invoices. This will allow you to Edit the template.

Step 3

Most of the information in this template will be auto-populated using your company and order information. Please only edit the following fields:

  • From: type a name in the sender section. E.g. name of warehouse manager. The other details in this section (street, postcode, country, city) will be populated using the warehouse address you're shipping the order from.

  • Signature (bottom right corner): upload an image of the signature to be used for the customs form.

  • You can upload an image by selecting Image in the left hand column and dragging it to the signature section. Once you've dragged the image field to the signature section, click on it. Select a local file option to upload your custom signature.

Step 4

Click File > Save

Step 5

Make sure the template is saved - two notifications should appear on the right confirming the template was saved.

Step 6

Review that the CN23 [2021] template prints the correct company and order information. You can do this for sample of orders by following the guide to manually print CN23 forms.

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