How to generate an Access Token on Magento:

Note! Before you start, please whitelist the following IP addresses:




  1. Login to your Magento store;

  2. Go to System > Extensions > Integrations;

  3. Click Add New Integration to display the New Integration page;

  4. Enter a unique name for the integration (e.g. 'Veeqo');

  5. Enter your admin password;

  6. Leave all other fields blank;

  7. Click the API tab and select the Magento resources the integration can access (we have suggested resources below);

  8. Click Save and return to the Integrations page;

  9. Click Activate;

  10. Click Allow and below window will pop up;

11. Copy Access Token to use in Veeqo.

Here are the resources we suggest customers select for integrating with Veeqo:

Please note: Due to known bug on Magento side, in some cases you will need to grant Veeqo 'All Permissions'. Find more.

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