You can use your orders to print out different types of documents throughout the order lifecycle. This guide provides a summary of what each printed document is used for.

Picking Lists

This document is designed to contain product information of 1 or more orders. It is used by the warehouse team to collect the correct number of items from the product locations so they can be packed.

For more information on paper picking lists check out This Guide.

Note: With Veeqo you can go completely paperless with Digital Picking.

Packing Slips

Each document contains the information of a single order. It's designed to be used to confirm the correct items are being dispatched to the right customer. Frequently these documents are placed inside the package so the customer can confirm they have received all the items intended for that package.

For more information on paper packing slips check out This Guide.

Note: Veeqo also offers a smarter and more accurate way to pack items using the Scan to Pack feature. Check out This Guide for more information


This provides the customer with a financial breakdown of their order. This is typically printed out and placed in the package or downloaded and emailed to the customer upon request. For wholesale orders Veeqo can also generate paperless invoices that are emailed direct to the customer.

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