If you ship your orders with DHL Express you can also print out a return label to be included in the package as you ship out the order. If your customers want to return an item they simply call up DHL to book a collection using the printed label.

Who pays for the return?

The DHL Express account that is used to generate the shipping labels will be charged once the return package has been booked for a collection. If the label never gets used then there is no charge for creating the label.

How long does the label last for?

From the date the label is printed it can be used to book a shipment from that date up to 3 months time.

Return Label Services

When you generate a DHL Express Return Label in Veeqo we will use one of the services below for the return label:

  • Domestic Returns - Express Domestic 12:00pm

  • Europe Returns - Express Europe

  • Worldwide returns - Express WorldWide

International Returns

When shipping internationally the terms of trade will be set as DAP. As the return label is created when you are dispatching the order all items will also appear on both the outgoing and returns customs documentation.

If the customer wants to return only some of the items then they will still be charged for customs for returning all the items. At this time there is no way to create a pre-printed return label with DHL Express which is only for some of the items in the order.

How to create a pre-printed return label

The returns labels can only be created when shipping orders individually. You can either create the return label at the point of shipping or you can generate it after the order has been shipped where you can then manually attach it to an email to the customer.

Creating the label at the point of shipping

After selecting the service you would like to ship with make sure Create Return Label is checked. When you ship the order an outgoing label and return label will be generated.

Create return label after shipping or re-printing an existing label

On the Order Summary screen scroll down to the Shipment section. Click the Envelope icon to generate a new return label or re-print an existing one if it exists.

Note: For international shipments you will see two Envelope icons. One will generate the label and the other will generate customs documentation.

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