Connect the power cable to the charging dock. Then firmly press the VS1 into the charging dock until the red lights for POWER and HOST on the charging dock turn on.

Power On

Press the power button on the bottom right side of the device for a couple of seconds until the screen turns on.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Tap the All Apps icon at the bottom of the screen then navigate to Settings>Wi-Fi, select the Wi-Fi you want to connect to, enter the password and tap CONNECT.

Connect Sim Card

To insert a sim card unscrew four bolts on the back side of the scanner and open the cover.

Set Your Local Time

Tap the All Apps icon at the bottom of the screen then navigate to Settings>Date & time.

Toggle off the Automatic time zone setting and under Select time zone choose your local time.

Log into Veeqo

Tap the Veeqo icon at the bottom of the screen and use your Veeqo log in credentials to sign in.

Now you're ready to explore these VS1 features:


Search for any product to edit stock, set a bin location or scan in a barcode.


Check your order status on the go or try our standard picking.

Booking in new stock

Scan your purchase orders in as they arrive.

Stock Take/Inventory Count

Keep your stock levels consistently up to date with our digital cycle stock take.


Try our paperless Digital Batch Picking that accurately locates and quickly picks your orders with our smart batching algorithm for the most efficient route through your warehouse.

Before you start your first digital picking batch, we recommend to go over our Digital Batch Picking Checklist to make sure you have everything set ready to go!

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