If you would like to add specific data against your products in a printing template you can add custom properties such as length/ height etc. to your products. You can then add these to your printing templates!

Find out how to add new product properties here.

Please Note: Each template format/ type has its own set of data fields. This data field is available for Invoices, Picking lists, Packing slips, Drop notes and Point of sale receipts!

When you have added the properties that you need to the product, follow these steps to add these to your printing templates:

1. Go to Settings > Printing Templates

2. Click Edit on the template you want to change.

3. Add a new text field and move this where you would like it to add a title for the product property you would like to display on your template. e.g length

4. Add another text field and again, this can be placed where you want it, within the container. Type in the product property data field in the following format:

{product_properties::Example product properties}

(You can find this example under insert data field for all templates which support this)

5. Replace “Example Product Properties” with your custom property name. The product property title will need to match the custom property name you have created for your products.

For example, if I set a product property which I named length the data field would be:


Please note: Avoid using brackets in product property names as this may cause issues.

6. In order for the data field to work it will need to be in a container with the format: Line items or kit_breakdown_line_items::kit_contents:: alongside the rest of the product information.

This is usually already added for the above templates however if you are creating a custom template this may need to be added.

7. Click SAVE and you are ready to print your documents with new product details on them.

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