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Favouriting and Hiding Shipping Services (UK)
Favouriting and Hiding Shipping Services (UK)
Updated over a week ago

This guide applies to Sellers based in the UK only.

When you are shipping your orders in Veeqo, you will be provided with a list of shipping services that are available for you to use. If you only use particular services, you may want the option to favourite the ones that you use and hide the ones that you do not.
Any shipping services that are hidden or favourited, will update globally across the company.

How to favourite / hide a shipping service:

1. Go to your Orders page
2. Click into the order > Click Ship
3. To hide a shipping service, you will need to click into the blue star
4. Once you have done this, it will be hidden/unfavourited.

5. If you would like for a service to re-appear in your favourites list, you need to click on the 'Show all shipping services' hyperlink at the bottom of the list of your favourited services:

6. Once you click on the star, it should then be added to your favourites list.

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