UPS WorldWide Express Economy is a service that allows you to group multiple shipments going to the same country together. This can save you money if you frequently ship lots of items to the same destination.

Note: This service is only supported when using your own UPS account. It is not available using Veeqo's UPS Discounted Rates. It is also only supported when shipping individual orders and not on the bulk shipping screen.


Before you start you must first speak to your UPS account manager and ensure this service has been added to your UPS account. If you haven't already connected your UPS account to Veeqo you will need to do this by following the UPS Connect guide.

Once your account is connected you then need to go to Settings>Shipping>UPS and click Configure Master Carton Address. Complete the address fields for the UPS depot where the master carton bags are going to be shipped to (you will need to ask your UPS account manager for this) then hit Connect Your Account to save the changes.

Note: For the country it needs to be the 2 letter country code.

  • For United Kingdom this would be GB.

  • For United States this would be US


As this service combines multiple shipments into a single master carton/bag you must first Ship all the orders going into the first bag and selecting either Worldwide Economy DDU or Worldwide Economy DDP

Once the master carton/bag is go to any of the orders you shipped for this bag and on the Shipments section hit the Envelope to generate a Master Carton label

Enter the dimensions of the master carton/bag and choose the service you want to ship the master carton with.

Choose the service Europe Standard. Once you hit Save the master carton label will be printed for you to attach to the bag.

You can then repeat this process to start shipping more orders using WordWide Economy for a new master carton/bag.

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