1. Click here to create a new WooCommerce store;

2. Select WooCommerce as the Type;

3. Select the relevant Default warehouse from which you want to allocate stock from;

4. Paste your WooCommerce domain in the Store URL field;

5. Click SAVE;

6. Wait a couple of minutes and then click on your newly created WooCommerce Store;

7. Copy the highlighted link under Bridge URL;

3. With the Bridge URL copied head over to your Wordpress admin area and go to Plugins>Add New;

4. In the search bar type in Veeqo For WooCommerce and press the Install Now button;

5. Once the plugin has installed Activate it then click on Veeqo from the Wordpress menu;

6. Paste the BRIDGE URL link that you copied in Step 7 into Bridge URL field, then hit Connect.

If the Bridge URL has been accepted you should get the following message:

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