1. Click here to create a new WooCommerce store

2. Select WooCommerce as the Type

3. Select the relevant Default warehouse from which you want to allocate stock from

4. Paste your WooCommerce domain in the Store URL field

5. Click SAVE

6. Wait a couple of minutes and then click on your newly created WooCommerce Store

7. Copy the highlighted link under Bridge URL

3. With the Bridge URL copied head over to your Wordpress admin area and go to Plugins>Add New

4. In the search bar type in Veeqo For WooCommerce and press the Install Now button.

5. Once the plugin has installed Activate it then click on Veeqo from the Wordpress menu

6. Paste the BRIDGE URL link that you copied in Step 7 into Bridge URL field, then hit Connect

If the Bridge URL has been accepted you should get the following message:

We have defaulted your advanced sync settings to not push stock or e-mail your customers, or mark your orders as completed on WooCommerce. If you'd like to change those after your first sync has completed, read more about advanced store settings.

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