There are two ways of managing free samples in Veeqo:

  1. Change the line item price to 0 while you create the order

  2. Create a free sample product version of all products that you offer samples of and link the inventory by making the sample product a kit of the full-price product

Change line item price to 0 on the order

1. On the orders page, click on +NEW ORDER

2. Search and add the item to the order that you want to give out as a free sample

3. Click into the line item PRICE field and edit the price to 0.00 (this only applies to this order and doesn't change the Veeqo product price)

4. Click on CREATE ORDER

Create sample product copies that share inventory with your full-price product version

1. Head to the Inventory Page and click on + NEW PRODUCT

2. The title of the product should be Full Price Product Title + "Free Sample", so for example "Blue Ink Pen Free Sample"

3. The SKU of the product should be Full Price Product SKU + "-free-sample", so for example "pen-blue-free-sample"

4. Leave the Retail Price at 0.00


6. Reopen the product you just created and click on the blue EDIT pen icon

7. Click on MAKE KIT

8. Search for the full-price product title or SKU and click on +ADD TO KIT with the QUANTITY of 1

9. Click on CREATE KIT

The stock of pen-blue-free-sample now equals the stock of pen-blue and the stock of pen-blue will go down by 1 unit every time one pen-blue-free-sample is added to an order and the line item price will automatically be set to 0.00.

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