DPD Collection / Pick-up times

How to set your collection times for DPD in Veeqo

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This guide applies to Sellers based in the United Kingdom only

You may want to continue shipping some orders with DPD after the DPD driver has collected orders for the current day. If you haven't got your collection times set-up correctly in Veeqo then your customer may be sent inaccurate shipping dates by DPD.

For example, if your Collection Time in Veeqo states 2pm (but your actual collection is 4pm) any order shipped in Veeqo between 2pm -4pm will be marked as dispatch for the following day to your customer.

To setup your collection times in Veeqo you need to contact a member of the Veeqo Support team who can set this up for you.

Note: The collection time in Veeqo does not affect the time that the driver should collect. To change your collection time with DPD you should contact your DPD account manager.

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