With Veeqo you can ship via UPS with our Discounted Rates of up to 62% off UPS 2nd Day AirĀ® service and up to 48% off UPSĀ® Ground shipments. Or you can connect your Own UPS Account and start shipping with your agreed UPS rates.

For more information on UPS Services please check out the UPS Overview Guide.

Before you begin

To gain access to the discounted UPS rates you must ship from the USA. If you don't have a USA address you should sign up for your Own UPS Account.

Signing Up For UPS Discounted Rates

Veeqo offers discounted rates through our partner GoShippo. Before you get started you need to agree to the UPS Discounted Rates Terms & Conditions in GoShippo.

To do this follow these steps:

  • Login to GoShippo using your GoShippo account details. If you haven't already signed up to GoShippo you can do this here.

  • Once signed into GoShippo head to Settings>Carriers and click on Get special UPS discounts

  • Complete the form with your Billing Address.
    Note: If your pickup address is different to your billing address make sure to uncheck Same as Billing Address.

Connecting Your UPS Discount Account To Veeqo

Before you connect your account make sure you have enabled the UPS Discounted rates in Shippo first by completing the section above Signing Up For UPS Discounted Rates.

  • In Veeqo go to Settings>Shipping and click Connect next to UPS. Then hit Setup my UPS account. If you aren't already signed into Shippo you'll be asked to do so. Once these steps are complete you'll be sent back to Veeqo where you will now be able to see your discounted UPS rates.


  • Not seeing UPS Rates
    If you can't see any rates make sure your warehouse address matches the Pickup Address you set when signing up for the UPS Discounted Rates account.

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