With USPS you can generate return labels in Veeqo

  • USPS return labels last for 365 days after being generated

  • The weight of the return label is set as the same weight as the outbound label. So you will be charged the same as the outbound shipping label

  • If you cancel the original outbound shipment the return shipping label is still valid.

How to create a return label

You can either create the return label when booking purchasing outbound label or upon request at a later date

At Point of Outbound Label purchase:

Check the Create return label? box when making your initial service selection. Your return label will be printed straight after your outbound label

After Outbound Label purchase:

  1. Click into the order and scroll down to the Shipments section.

  2. Click the Actions button on the right-hand side.

  3. Select Print > Return Label.

Returns Labels can only be generated for Off-Amazon orders. You should follow the standard Amazon process for handling any returns for an Amazon order

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