There are many ways to pick your orders in Veeqo. Check out the Picking Your Orders article to view the many alternatives.

When picking with paper there are two Paper Picking List templates to choose from:

  1. Pick To Pile

    Group the same items together and sort them by Bin Location or SKU. All picked items going into a single container and are then sorted into packages at the packing desk.

    This is ideal for picks of your fastest moving items or orders that contain only one type of product. 

  1. Pick To Order

    A single picking container is required for each individual order on the pick list. As each item is picked it's placed into a container together with other items for the same order.

    This saves time at the packing station but makes the picks slightly longer. It's ideal for orders that contain multiple different products.

By default only unshipped items on the selected orders will be included in the picking document.

Tip: We recommend adding Product Locations to your Products as this will help Veeqo sort your Picking List in a more efficient order. for Products where Locations have not been set then the Picking List will be sorted by SKU.

If you’re using kit/bundle products in Veeqo then you will only see the content items. However, if you want to see the kits themselves then check out this guide to edit the templates.

Steps to print out a Pick To Pile picking list

  • Go to your Orders page and hit a Saved View or Filter your orders.

  • Either select specific orders first or go right ahead and hit Actionsproduct lo to print all currently filtered orders.

  • Select Print. To create a Pick To Pile picking list check Picking List and hit Print. For Pick To Order first click Choose Templates then scroll down to Picking List (Pick To Order) and hit Print.

TIP: If you'd like to edit the Picking List template go to Settings>Printing Templates.

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