You can print USPS shipping labels for your orders in Veeqo, we have partnered with GoShippo to provide you with this service.

For more information on the services and rates Veeqo offers with USPS check out the USPS Overview guide

How To Connect

1. Go to Settings>Shipping

2. Click on the SHOW WHEN SHIPPING button and then the CONNECT button next to the USPS icon

3. Click on thee SIGN IN TO GOSHIPPO button on the pop up. If you don't already have a GoShippo account, you can create a new one for free via the same button.

4. This will open a new tab to the GoShippo sign up page. Enter your details and click on the Sign up button or click on Log in underĀ 

5. Enter your card information. This card will only be charged when you ship with USPS in Veeqo, there are no other fees from GoShippo.

Tip: GoShippo doesn't work with prepaid cards

6. Click on Allow Access

7. You should now see this success notification back in Veeqo

8. Make sure you check your inbox to validate your e-mail address for GoShippo

You should now see USPS quotes on your order shipping screen

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