What is an invoice with integrated shipping label?

It's an invoice  which has the carrier shipping label embedded in it. This makes it great when picking and packing, as you only need to print off 1 A4 sheet and not a separate shipping label.

The invoice will include all items that the customer ordered. To only show items that have been shipped we recommend using the Packing Slip & Shipping Label document.

If you print an invoice before you make the shipment the Invoice will print without the shipping label because no label has been created yet.

To print out an Invoice with Shipping label follow these steps

  1. Ship the orders with one of Veeqo's connected carriers.

  2. Filter orders that have been shipped today

3. Select the orders you want to print or go straight to Actions if you want to print all filtered orders. Choose Print>Choose Templates.

4. Choose either Invoice & Shipping Label (Portrait) or Invoice & Shipping Label (Landscape). Depending how many orders are being printed the document will either open up in a new tab ready to be printed or sent to the notification bell. If you have Auto Print setup the document will go straight to the printer

Buying A4 Paper with built in sticker for shipping labels

We've been recommended the following website to purchase A4 invoices with 4x6" shipping label built in.

Invoice & Shipping Label (Portrait) - UK Store | US Store (AALabels)
(4x6" Shipping Label)


Invoice & Shipping Label (Landscape) - UK Store | US Store (Amazon) | US (AALabels)
(4x6" Shipping Label)

To send the auto created shipping label to a dummy printer when using integrated invoices with advanced digital picking, here is a guide on how to do this for a Windows PC and here for a Mac

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