If you are not getting quotes from your shipping company when trying to ship an order, please see below for the common reasons why you have no quotes received / common error messages that can appear:

This error means that DT1 has not been enabled on your carrier. You will need to get in touch with your account manager / carrier directly to have this enabled on your account.

Shipment not created - The selected international service is unavailable for the destination country.

This error message appears when you are shipping with Royal Mail. If you receive this error message it means that the shipping service you are trying to use is no longer available for the destination country. You will need to select a valid service that is available to this country.

Incomplete shipping address

  • Needs a valid zip code/postcode and 1st line of the address. 

  • USPS will not always quote if there is a 9 digit zip code in the order, try editing this.

  • If it's an Irish address, you may need to fill the postcode field with "00000".

Missing customer telephone number

  • DPD, UPS, and FedEx require this.

Missing customer email address 

  • Check the shipping and billing email address details.

Weight of the order is zero

  • You will need to change this to the actual order weight but must be above 0.

Missing or incomplete ship from address

  • We send the carrier your shipping from address as the warehouse address in Veeqo. Check you have a valid warehouse address in settings and fill in your full address.

Missing telephone number in FedEx settings

  • In your FedEx setting page make sure you have a valid phone number.

 Shipping carrier is active

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