To connect your ParcelForce account on Veeqo, you will first need to generate a set of test labels, print them out using your thermal label printer and send it off to ParcelForce integration team for approval.

In order to set up the integration, you will need to have your expressLink credentials ready in hand.

You can find it either in the welcome email pack that ParcelForce sent you when you first signed up for the account. Or if you can contact your ParcelForce account manager or ParcelForce customer service at 0344 800 4466 who will be able to generate a set for you.

The expressLink username should have a prefix of "EL_", eg: EL_XXXXXX

Generate test labels

As the underlying integration between Veeqo and ParcelForce is powered by ParcelBright (a subsidiary of Veeqo), you will need to generate a set of test labels through ParcelBright ParcelForce self onboarding tool.

  1. You will first need to click the connect button on the ParcelForce setting page on Veeqo which will generate a ParcelBright account linked to your Veeqo account

  2. Then you will need to reset your ParcelBright account password using this link and your Veeqo login email

  3. Once you have reset the password, head over to this link to access the ParcelForce self onboarding tool to generate your test labels and letter template.

Please note: If when you click the above link it already shows as connected, click the 'x' symbol, and you can then click connect and follow the onboarding tool.


Once you have all the labels downloaded, print them off using your thermal label printer, remember to set it to print at 100% scale or disable the "fit to page" setting. Check the labels and make sure they are printed correctly with all content displayed.

The next step would be to send it off to ParcelForce integration team with a cover letter (download template here) to the address below:

Customer Solutions
Parcelforce Worldwide
Lytham House
Caldecotte Lake Drive
Milton Keynes

To complete the setup

ParcelForce integration team should come back to you in 5-7 days depending on their workload, and given everything is accepted, they will issue you a set of LIVE expressLink credentials through email.

Go back to the Veeqo Shipping setting page and plug those into the ParcelForce setting and you should be connected and ready to print out ParcelForce labels from the Veeqo platform.

If you encounter any issue during the above process, please feel free to get in touch and we will try our very best to assist.

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