How does it work?

  • Veeqo has direct integration with myHermes, so you can print shipping labels for all your myHermes services without leaving Veeqo, no manual import/export is required. ¬†
  • The integration works with all myHermes domestic and international services, which you can opt to drop off or have the item collected.
  • You can print labels one by one, you can create up to 100 labels at a time as long as all orders are going with the same service.

Using your own account

You are able to connect your own myHermes account only if it is a BUSINESS and CREDIT account. Business prepaid account or individual consumer account is not supported due to the limitation on myHermes API.

Using the Veeqo account 

If you don't have an existing account you can opt to use the Veeqo myHermes account which is powered by ParcelBright subsidiary. This means you can start shipping right away without the hassle of setting up your own account, using our Commercial Rates. To get started follow the steps in This Guide

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