If you see an error message when trying to create your Collection Manifest please don't worry. You can still download your manifest and make your shipments in the usual manner.

In the unlikely occurrence of a Manifest Issue we'll receive a notification immediately and resolve the issue.

If you see the above please take the usual steps:

1. Click on the manifest which shows an error (we explain the cause of the error message at the bottom of this article)


2. Click Download Manifest and Print the Manifest ready for collection.

Common Errors for Manifests

If you experience any errors with your manifest then you should see the error below. If you're still unsure, contact the Veeqo support team.

Account is unavailable for posting - Your account is unavailable for posting on Royal Mail's side. Please contact your Royal Mail account manager to check the status of your account.

Load Access Denied (not authenticated) - Your account is unauthorised to generate the Collection Manifest at Royal Mail. Double check your credentials and account number in Settings > Shipping > Royal Mail.

Order has been created with errors - Errors were raised when generating the Collection Manifest at Royal Mail. Please contact the Veeqo support team so it can be investigated further.

Business partner does not exist - Your account number does not exist at Royal Mail. Double check this information in Settings > Shipping > Royal Mail.

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