1. How do I connect my Royal Mail account 

Your Royal Mail account can be connected to Veeqo via our Shipping Page. Before you connect you will need:

  • OBA credentials - found on a copy of your OBA sales order

  • Account number - found on a copy of your OBA sales order

  • Email 

  • VAT number

  • Each warehouses, posting location number

You will be guided through a step by step process where you input this information and select the warehouses you want to connect with Royal mail.

You will be able to select which tracking and signed services you use with your OBA account.

Once complete it can take up to 5 days for Royal Mail to be connected to your Veeqo account.

2. What services are available?

All services national and international 

3. Are the quotes that are returned in Veeqo the same as if I were to ship via the couriers portal?

The same agreed rate you have directly with Royal Mail will be charged when creating a shipment in Veeqo.

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