Receiving error 'Carrier Authentication Failed'

If you are getting the error Carrier Authentication Failed when attempting to ship with FedEx, this is most likely due to your production key not being activated by their Web Integration Solutions Consultation (WISC) Team.

To get your production key authorised to create shipment Call up FEDEX on  1.877.339.2774 (Monday–Friday 7am–9pm, Saturday 9am–3pm (CST) and ask to speak to the Web Integration Solutions Consultation (WISC) Team. When you speak to the WISC representative you will need to request to enable your API production key so that you can create shipments in Veeqo. You may need to provide them with your account details and the API key, so make sure you have them handy. 

Not receiving any shipping rates

To receive shipping rates, please use your Developer Key. To get this information, please see this guide. You can check which key you are currently using by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings

  • Click on 'Shipping Carrier Integrations'

  • Select the 'Settings' button next to Fedex

  • Under Module, it should show 'Development'

  • Ensure that the Key you are using is the Development Key given by FedEx

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