If you have a customer who has placed 2 separate orders it is possible to send both orders in the same shipment.

For Amazon and eBay it is important that both orders are being updated as shipped with a tracking number to ensure that you are not penalised for unfulfilled shipments.

How to create a label for separate orders

1. Open the Orders page from Veeqo in two tabs in your browser

 2. In the first tab, open order number 1 and in the other tab open order number 2

3. On the first tab, click on Ship on the order

4. On the Shipping Screen for the Total Weight section, combine the weight of order number 1 and 2 


5. Now ship the order with your preferred courier

6. Find the order you just shipped and copy the tracking number 


7. Go into the other tab with order number 2 and click on the Ship button

8. Under the same courier you shipped the first order with, select Ship Without Label and paste the tracking number from order 1


9. Click on Ship and the order will not produce a shipping label but will be marked as shipped with the specified tracking number

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